Sketches are the first step to materialize the ideas. The required time to mature a design varies and usually takes several days until it feels right. How to use the imperfections on the materials is part of our perfect piece, the natural character of each element.

Eduardo Martinez Soberon began his carrier in Mexico in 1985 as an architect and furniture designer on projects as diverse as private islands, residences, exclusive hotels and restaurants.

As a result, he has an unparalleled understanding of what an exceptional lifestyle is all about. He now resides in South Florida with his wife Architect Marta Zubillaga and two children.

In our "Lab" is where we create samples, prototypes, test bonding materials with resins and the final product.

Here is where we have most of the fun!

Our Work Lab

The Begining

Know How

Our Architectural Interiors are not limited to any style, and they have a unique approach that fits the E.M Soberon aesthetic of creating spaces and furnishings for the discerning clients who appreciate the one of a kind.

Interior Architecture Woodwork

After receiving the treated wood from our sourcess all the process to manufacture each piece begings at one of our workshops located in South Florida, first the wood is plane and level the acrylic is casted into the molds, hand polish is the final touch to bring the wood and the acrylic to a high luster.

The American flag is made with milpa wood in the strips and olive wood on the starts, cast acrylic blue and white bonds all the materials to create the final product.

The flag is 2" thick, and weights almost 90 pounds.

Made in the USA


Once an idea is been designed, finding the best materials is part of the excitement for  the starting process of creating the best product.

Lumberyards and artistic workshops is the begigning of the search to collect ideas and samples that can be converted into our creations.

The use of diferent materials in the development of the product creates a challenge, but the ability to stabilize them together results in a rewarding product.

We blend wood, glass, cast acrylic, resins, epoxies, metal, stainless steel, brass, bronze to mention a few.    

Resources & Materials

Our World

The Company Today

Eduardo Martinez Soberon began by creating a design company specializing in high-end, wooden furniture and interior architecture, allowing him and the company to develop a deep understanding for the material and its uses over time. As the company progressed, it took a turn labeled, “Fluent in Creativity”. Here, they began to experiment with new materials and radical designs. A new era began. This era, marked by a creative approache to modern design, blurs the lines between furniture and fine art.